Because of You

by Isaac Jorgensen

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Isaac's album 'Because of You' is full of worship songs themed on the attributes of God and is accompanied by Isaac's book: Who is God? For more information visit:


released January 2, 2014

All songs copyright Isaac Jorgensen
Choir: The Meno Fellowship from Colorado
Background Vocals: Sofia Tirronen, Emelie Kamp, Kajsa Jorgensen
Extra Piano: Josh Luna
Extra Bass: Nate Phillips
Engineering and Mixing by Isaac Jorgensen
Mastering:Jason Germain
CD Design: Sofia Tirronen and Shaul Hagen
Cover Photography: Sofia Tirronen



all rights reserved


Isaac Jorgensen Stockholm, Sweden

Formerly from the band 'Foolish Things', This is Isaac's first full-length release -a record filled with original songs focused on the different attributes of God. He has authored a book that accompanies the record called 'Who is God?' Isaac is an American but lives in Sweden now where he pours most of his time into music, bible teaching and pastoring a church in his home. ... more

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Track Name: Open Up Our Eyes
Give us thirst to find You, Jesus. Give us light to see You.
We want to know You as You are. We want to know You as You are.
Open up our eyes, open up our hearts to see
Show us who You are, show us what we’re supposed to be.
Give us ears that hear You, Jesus. Give us hearts to trust You.
We want to know You as You are. We want to know You as You are.
Give us wisdom, We want to know You Father
Your revelation, we want to know You deeper
Track Name: Strong Enough
The universe hangs by a thread from Your hands –built with only words from Your mouth
You must be something so amazing -We must be fools to ever fear
You are strong enough to follow through with everything You’ve promised me
You are strong enough to rescue me from any kind of enemy
If our God is for us than who’ll be against us? You are strong enough
Your enemies will find there’s no hope, to challenge strength divine –the endless force of God.
There’s no defense from You. Cause there’s nothing You can’t do.
You will give us strength through the fray. You will carry us all the way
You will give us life past the grave. You will wipe our teardrops away
Track Name: Never Changed
Where can we find a place to stand? The world and all it’s people shift like the sand.
But You are the Rock, our constant place. Unmoved and permanent through all time and space.
And all You are, You’ve always been. And all You are, You’ll always be.

Nothing can take what we have in You. Nothing can break what we build on You.
You have never changed. You will never change. You have never changed my God.

Your purpose fixed, You word is sure. The heart made sick with change finds You the cure.
Cause You’ll never change, perfection shows: You cannot turn to less, and You cannot grow.

You are the Rock –We will stand on You. You are the Rock –We will hide in You.
You are the Rock –Nothing moves You Lord. You are the Rock, You are the Rock.
Track Name: Infinite God
You will never be defined, the limitless divine –Infinite God.
You are there before the start, and after all the ends –Infinite God.

There is boundary to frame You. There is no language to name You.
The measurements fail now, and numbers can’t speak of our Infinite God.

You will never be explained, a mystery untamed –Infinite God.
You, we cannot calculate Your endless glory’s weight –Infinite God.

Everlasting to everlasting, an endless future, an endless past
He is the Infinite God, You are the infinite God.
Track Name: Great I Am
Every rock, every tree, every mountain and sea owes You gratitude.
Every life when it began, every woman, every man owes You gratitude.
But who do You owe? You have no starting lines. Always, You Are.

You are the Great I Am. We were made by the unmade God.
You are the Great I Am. We were caused by the uncaused God.
The Great I Am

Every star the heavens hold, every galaxy untold owes You gratitude.
Every sun and moonlit sky, every baby’s newborn cry owes you gratitude.
But who do You owe? You have no starting line. Always, You Are.

Before we came to be, -You are the Great I Am.
Before the earth and sea -You are the Great I Am.
Before the stars would shine -You are the Great I Am.
Before You started time.
Track Name: This Love
I searched my mind wondering why You love the way You do
But I can’t find a motive for the things that I have seen in You
Where does it come from? Where does it grow? The love that need no reasons,
This love that You have shown to me

You thought me into existence. You sought me with loving persistence.
You bought me, and purchased forgiveness with Your own blood.
What is this love? What is this love?

My small mind couldn’t find the place where Your love grew
But I was blind and failed to see that very place was You

You’re where it comes from, You’re where it grows, This love that needs no reasons
This love that You have shown to me

When we were still Your enemies, You took up our infirmities
And innocent You died that day, to pay the price we should have paid
I’m amazed to ponder how Your eyes can see me blameless now
The God who doesn’t need a thing has crushed His Son and offered me new life
Track Name: You Know Everything
The darkest corners of the universe., The deepest secrets of every man

You know everything. You see everything

You count the teardrops nobody sees. You hear the prayers of our silent screams.

You know everything. You see everything.

Before You suffered to keep me around, You knew I’d fail You and let You down

You knew everything in me. And still gave everything for me.

What kind of love is this? Choosing a messed up friend like me.
What kind of love is this? Knowing my faults and still You wanted me.
Track Name: Our Maker Three in One
You are more than our minds can hold. You are more than our songs have told.
You are what You are, and we don’t know how. You are what You are and we worship you now.

Our Maker three in one. You are the Father, Spirit, Son.
Our Maker’s mystery, undivided one in three.

You’re a God we’d have never guessed, far beyond what our words express
You are what You are, and we don’t know how. You are what You are. We worship You now.

Our thoughts are too small to apprehend You.
Our minds are too weak to comprehend You.
Track Name: Who Can Compare
You drew the lines of where the sea would meet the shore -the sky would meet the floor
Who can compare?
You showed the sun just when to pass the time to night and when to come back bright
Who can compare?

Needer of nothing and Giver of all.
Every living thing survives by the strength Your boundless love supplies.
Lord of power beyond compare.
The universe sits in Your hands and eternity is where You stand.

You tell the rainclouds when to hold and when to bleed, to satisfy our need
Who can compare?
You made the countless stars and set them into place, to fill the void of space
Who can compare?

Who can compare to You? You are the Holy God.
Track Name: The Wisdom of God
You plan the perfect ends. You use the perfect means.
You hold the perfect truth and wisdom for all things.
You, only You are wise. You see with flawless eyes.
You choose with loving care, and wisdom for all things.
You, only You are wise. You only You are wise.

If we cannot hear the answer, and if we cannot see the way
We choose to trust You, and Your choice of wisdom Father
There will be no better way

You see the outcome now. You know the best way how.
You’ve built a faultless plan, with wisdom for all things.
You give Your people rest, through every trial and test
You hold the love and power and wisdom for all things

Your ways are high above, high above. We trust the wisdom of God.
Your ways are perfect love, perfect love. We trust the wisdom of God.

There is no better way, than the way You’ve chosen.
Track Name: Because of You
Because of Your mercy, I will show Your mercy too.
Because You are gracefull, I have all I need in You.
Because of Your knowledge, let my secret parts be true.
Because of Your wisdom, I will trust alone in You.

Because You are holy, I will tremble at Your name.
Because of Your justice, I’ll leave sin and preach the same.
Because of Your power, there’s no rival to Your throne.
Because You’re everywhere, I will never be alone.

Help us remember the God that You are. Help us remember Your Son and His scars.
Teach us to fear You and we will walk in Your ways.
Teach us to love You, teach us to number our days.
They’re all for You, We are because of You.

Because You are loving, we’ve a father’s care from You.
Because You are endless, we’ll have always more of You.
Because You’re unchanging, we can build our lives on You.
Because You are faithful, all Your promises come true.

We are coming back to the way it’s supposed to be
We are coming back to a life of dependency
We are coming back to the joy of knowing You
We are coming back, would You come and make us new
Track Name: You Are Good
I see the clouds take a drink from the ocean’s cool and deep
And like a train through the sky, carry water to the dry
All of it sings out -You are good.

All the world, painted through, wears the colors that you choose
From the grass, to the skies, and the shining in our eyes
All of it sings out -You are good.

All of creation sings a song –You are good.
And all Your children sing along –You are good.
How could we hope if You were something different than You are?
But You are good.

In the kingdoms of men, where You’re mocked, ignored and banned
Still sun and rain now You give, so Your enemies can live
All of it sings out, You are good.

We were fools, bit the hand that feeds life to every man
Still You said ‘come return’ -took the guilt our sins had earned
Forever I’ll sing out -You are Good

Let all the world take note and see –You are Good.
Let all the world come now and sing –You are Good.
Let all the church reflect Your theme –You are Good.
Let all the world proclaim You King –You are Good.